Inspired by the bathing ritual of Queen Elizabeth I, Envisage has reimagined Sabon’s entire product line. We aimed TO CREATE a SENSUAL, ELEGANT, EUROPEAN BRAND WITH a HINT OF MYSTERY AND a distinction of surprise.

A unique Pizzeria concept Creation Interior design and Branding

The Fortunate horseshoe. A holistic project, conceptual designing, and branding for Toledano luxury brand

VIBAR – New European Smoothie & Juice Bar. Content, concept creation & branding project, that included creating a new vocabulary and language for the brand, and interior design.

Concept creation for a premium wine brand, for the International market

Our aim for The Wine Story, was to cultivate a concept design based on the fusion of boldness with softness. Our work here produced a brand revelling in an attention to detail, including black and white accents and bright, brass signage.

Developing a new concept design and packaging for a unique cosmetic company based internationally. Envisage was tasked with incorporating a certain vibration and strength to a new brand.

A new concept design and packaging. The primary source for our artwork were excavated mosaics from The Tsipori Synagogue. We extracted and developed three exquisite motifs from them to design the individual product lines for the Chateau.

Developing a new concept design and packaging for a healthy snack company. Creating illustrations that were light and reflective of an urban lifestyle. We wanted to convey a sense of positivity, energy and geniality. This way, My Pleasure’s customers would associate a healthy lifestyle with the three sensations above.

A creation of Conceptual branding and interior design to Jekyll & Hyde a renowned coffee shop and bar. The space is a soft blend of an industrial urban space with the comfort and ease of a home. A place that would quash the desire to jump to the next hot thing in the city!

creation of a product design concept for an upmarket fashion company in London, Envisage had a clear aim for this project: appeal, through a refined and attentive artistic process, to an upmarket female shopper.